The object of Secret Stork is to provide a fun, unique way of gifting to the expecting parents instead of the usual 1-time gift at the baby shower. This is perfect for someone who is just a few weeks along or ready to POP! We created this experience to let the buyer have a unique way of gifting whether they live close by the Mama Bird or out of state... (even the country)! 

You purchase a subscription to either send a gift 2 or 3 times throughout her pregnancy. (If you only want to send one box, you don’t have to worry about buying a subscription, just add the one box to your cart). Our studio address will be on all the boxes so she won't know who's sending her the love. Not only that, with every purchase level, we offer to send clues via e-mail AND snail mail to help her guess who it could be. You have the option to participate in the clue writing or you can leave it up to our pal Storkie to write something rhyme-y and clever! Upon subscription checkout a form will pop up with a questionnaire so we can get some intel on the preggers mama! 

Here's a clue for you, yes you… the clever gifter! You have the option on the questionnaire to use additional addresses, whether that be physical or digital, to send the clues to (hopefully it's people who are willing to participate in fun - otherwise it would be weird). Remember this is a rad gifting game and we want you to have fun with it!


Peruse our themed gift boxes so you have an idea of what subscription package you’d like to purchase based on how many of our rad boxes you want to send.


Decide what subscription package you would like to participate in.

  • 2 Trimester: 2 themed gift boxes - 1 shipped per trimester, 2 clues e-mailed - 1 per trimester, and 1 snail mail clue

  • 3 Trimester: 3 themed gift boxes - 1 shipped per trimester, 3 clues e-mailed - 1 per trimester, and 1 snail mail clue

There will be a questionnaire upon checkout where you can indicate in which order you would like your gift boxes sent.


You will receive an automatic generated confirmation email receipt that will contain a top secret password to gain access back to the gift box gallery. Here you will add either 2 or 3 of the boxes to your cart (depending on your subscription purchase) and follow the check out process. No additional fees will be added.


Your part is done for now! Sit back and relax, we'll be working hard on your order, shipping packages and sending anonymous clues to your loved one. The only thing you have to worry about now is the BIG reveal. 


T H E   B I G   R E V E A L !!  Pssst... we have a box for that too ❤